Transport Architect

     “Even after 17 years as freight forwarder at Lancaster Logistics (which recently joined the Remant group), an ordinary working day is never ordinary.

    Collaborating with clients and suppliers of various nationalities is a daily challenge. It’s an experience beyond frontiers. Respect and consideration are extremely important values here. Thanks to the international character of the company and the social contacts, I still experience much more than satisfaction in my work after 17 years of service.

    We are encouraged to follow various classes and training courses that generate new opportunities within our function and within the company.

    The teamwork and communication with colleagues create a passionate and motivating work environment, which is very compelling in my eyes. Add to that, the recurring organisation of a fun activity after work enabling us to get to know our colleagues better in a different atmosphere.

    I really appreciate being part of this team since such a long time!”

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